POV360: Our Programmable Digital LED Display

POV360: Our Programmable Digital LED Display

Draw more customers in and make them stay for longer with our dynamic, programmable LED display.  You can wirelessly load and show off your own full-color animations, videos, images, and text.  The POV360 is perfect for store windows because it is semi-transparent.  You can see outside and customers can see inside.

Draw attention with bright, full-color animations, videos, and images

The POV360 can hold 2000 frames of any content you choose.  You can load scrolling text like a marquee, your company logo, attention-grabbing animations and video.  And you can do this all on the fly from your computer or iPhone because the POV360 is wirelessly programmable over Bluetooth.

The POV360 lets the sun shine through

The POV360 is a round, semi-transparent LED display sign. Your displayed content will appear to float in the air.  With nearly a 360° viewing angle, the POV360 is ideal for indoor environments such as retail stores, malls, restaurants, bars, clubs, and trade shows.

Change your sign on the fly

We supply free, user-friendly software for Macintosh OSX and your iPhone so that you can update your sign wirelessly over Bluetooth or with a USB cable.

The POV360 is always moving

Even if you choose to display a static image, the POV360 is always moving to display your message thanks to our patented spinning LED technology.

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