Monkey Power Pack

The Monkey Power Pack DIY Kit includes the same waterproof battery holder we use for our 2nd generation of Monkey Lights. You can use the battery holder to power your own outdoor-proof projects!

The watertight battery holder holds 3 AA batteries and has o-ring seals at both ends. It also has a universal mounting that can either strap to a pole (such as a bike frame) or screw to a flat surface.  The DIY kit includes 2 pairs of power leads coming from the main body and two mating connectors that you can attach to your own project. There is a plug that seals one of the leads if you only plan on using one. Batteries not included.

Mounting instructions are here on YouTube.

You can buy the Power Pack here on our Amazon store.

Power 3 x AA batteries
Mount * flat mount using 3x10mm screws (included)
* tube/pole/hub mount (15mm – 120mm
diameter), using standard cable ties (included)
Connectors * 2 waterproof connectors and 1 protective cap for unused connector/td>
Water * 100% waterpoof (IP67).
* Out-of-the-box Rated for submersion down to 1m depth for 15 minutes.
* Indefinite submersion time may be achieved by carefully sealing the threads with silicone grease or caulk
Vibration 10G: continuous operation
50G: withstands 10,000 cycles
Operating temperature -30C to 70C
Current 1.0 amp continuous
Internal resistance 0.3 ohm typical
Weight 65g
Size 85mm x 50mm x 39mm
Construction ABS, black
Environment RoHS compliant