FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Thinking about Buying a Monkey Light


Q: Can a Monkey Light be used on a motorcycle?

  • Monkey Light bike lights are not designed for use on motorcycles. It is great for E-bikes, bikes and other light vehicles with maximum speed of 40 mph (65 km/h).


Q: Can I program my own images on a Monkey Light?

  • Only with the PRO and POV360 products. The M204, M210, M232 products have lots of built-in patterns and colors.  You can choose your favorite theme and colors from hundreds of possible combinations. You can find pictures of all the built-in themes in the Support area in the User Guide for each product.

Q: Do you have anything to deter thieves from stealing the light?

  • To prevent theft we include a stainless steel strap. The stainless steel strap is tough and difficult to cut once installed.

Q: How does it attach?

  • The Monkey Light straps to the spokes of your bike wheel, and the battery holder straps to the hub.

Q: What size wheels will the light fit?

  • All 20″ or larger bicycle wheels with spokes.  (20″, 24″, 26″, 28″, 29″, 700c – all will work).
  • Many 16″ and 18″ wheels will work: Check our install video.

Q: Is the light visible from the front or rear?

  • It provides Front and Side visibility when mounted on the front wheel. It provides Rear and Side visibility when mounted on the rear wheel. It does not replace the need for a standard front and rear light.


Q: How fast do I need to ride to see patterns on my wheel?

  • For our M204 M210, and M232, you’ll start seeing patterns at about 10mph.  When stopped, your bike will look like a bright bar of LEDs.  At lower speeds, you may be able to make out patterns, but they may appear to be a bit narrow.  Your light will still provide ultrabright side visibility, even if your wheel is not spinning.

    Our Monkey Light Pro starts to sync with the magnet sensors at about 8mph.  You’ll start seeing images and video at about this speed.


I already own a Monkey Light (M204, M210, M232)


Q: My Monkey Light only shows 2 or 3 red flashing lights.

  • Your batteries are getting low. The Monkey Light gives you a low battery warning that still keeps you visible.


Q: Batteries are running out much faster than they used to. It seems like the light is using battery when it is not on.

  • Are you using Rechargeable AA batteries? If so, most one of them may have gone bad. Try a new set of Alkaline AA’s and see how long your light lasts. When rechargeable AA’s go bad, 2 things happen: the charger will not fully charge them, and they discharge rapidly without being used.


Q: My light does not turn on, I just bought it.

  • Press the Red POWER button on the light.
  • Check that the AA batteries are fresh.
  • Remove the AA batteries from the inner capsule. Check that the metal battery springs are in place. Re-insert the AA batteries.
  • Unplug the connector between the battery holder and light. Check that the 2 gold pins are straight. Plug the connector back together.
  • The battery holder has an extra power connector covered by a cap. Remove the cap and try connecting the light to the 2nd connector.
  • Press the Red POWER button on the light.

Q: What do the LEDs indicate on the USB-rechargeable battery?

  • A solid red LED when plugged in to a USB cable indicates that the battery is charging.
  • A solid green LED when plugged in to a USB cable indicates that the light is fully charged.
  • If the battery is particularly low, no LEDs may light up for a few minutes while the battery trickle charges.
  • If you see a blinking LED on the battery when plugged in to a USB cable, and your light does not work, please contact us for assistance.


Q: It seems like the power cable is broken. When I wiggle the power cable the light comes on, but it won’t stay on.

  • The battery holder has 2 plugs. The spare plug is covered by a removable cap. Try plugging your light into the spare plug.
  • If the battery holder is not tightly strapped to the hub, it can wiggle when you ride.
  • After a while the wiggling can break the power cable. Remove the battery holder. Clean any dirt or grease off the hub.  Attach the battery holder again, pulling the straps tight with pliers.If the problem is not solved, please contact us for Warranty support.


Q: My light is stuck on 1 pattern (M210 or M232)

  • You can reset the light to factory default by holding THEME + COLOR buttons for 3 seconds.


Q: My Monkey Light only shows solid white, and it won’t turn off.

  • Sorry for the trouble, this may occur if you hold the buttons immediately after replacing the batteries. To fix your light: press the POWER button 4 times, then press the THEME button 4 times, then press the COLOR button 4 times, then wait 10 seconds.  Your light should be back to normal.