Content Creation Tips

Creating your own content for the Monkey Light Pro and POV360


  • Images with black background, bold designs, high contrast work best in this medium.
  • “Anime”, “Cartoon” and “Vector Art” styles work great.
  • White backgrounds will make the foreground harder to see, and also will drain the battery very fast on MLP.
  • Black areas in your image are actually transparent, you can see through the wheel in these areas.
  • Design new files as a square bitmap at around 300 x 300 pixels.
  • If you just want to download images from the internet, our Mac and iPhone software can use any file size and shape. They will crop out the parts of the image that don’t fit a circle.
  • You can design images and animation in any software you like. Supported file types include: gif, jpg, png, flash, mpeg, avi, qt, mov, etc. If you’re just getting started on a Mac, try Paintbrush Free.
  • Animations should be designed at 8 to 12 FPS.
  • Animation length can be up to 2000 frames, although most of our samples are much less than this. design for looping.


Technical details:

  • The true resolution of the display is a 73 pixel diameter circle. There is a small area in the center missing where the hub of the bicycle wheel is. The missing center is 9 pixels in diameter.
  • Check what your files will look like at 73 x 73 pixels to see the amount of definition that is possible in the hardware. Do not actually design them at that resolution because they will lose definition during our square-to-circle conversion process.
  • We have a photoshop file with a mask showing the exact dimensions of the display. You can use this to see what will get cut off. Do not actually save your files with the mask applied. Our Mac and iOS software will also show you a preview with the circular mask applied.
  • The display doesn’t reproduce dark colors well (limited gamut). Dark colors in your image will end up as a mid-tone. You can download a photoshop curves file that you can load on top of your image in photoshop to get an approximation of what will happen to your colors on the actual hardware. Do not actually save your files with these curves applied.
  • During operation, if the bike is moving slowly the display may skip some animation frames so that it can keep the overall playback timing correct.