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How to: Use our iOS app to transfer images to your Monkey Light Pro or POV360

We wrote this little guide to help show you how to use our Monkey Light iOS app to transfer images to your Monkey Light Pro or POV360.  On your iPhone, iPod or iPad, make sure that you have bluetooth enabled, and pair your device with your Monkey Light Pro or POV360. You may also want to check out our MonkeyLight Pro installation video.

1) Tap on the MonkeyLight app.

2) Tap the + symbol to start a new playlist

2016-07-15 12.45.22

3) Your playlist is empty at this point. Let's add some images, animated gifs or video. Tap the playlist thumbnail to select it.

2016-07-15 12.45.29

4) tap "Edit" to open up the menu.

2016-07-15 12.45.35

5) Tap "Add" to open your image folders.

2016-07-15 12.45.46

6) Select the folder with the first file you want to use.

2016-07-15 13.02.05

7) Select the first image for your playlist.  Repeat the process if you want more images.

2016-07-15 13.03.38

8) Ok, we've added all the images we want and we're ready to render the playlist. Tap "Back" to get to the main menu.

2016-07-15 13.02.18

9) Congratulations, you now have a playlist. If you want more images in your playlist, repeat steps 4 through 7. Once you have all the images you want, proceed to the next step.

9) Tap the icon that looks like a square pointing to a circle to render your playlist.

10) Tap the icon that looks like a square pointing to a circle to render your playlist. (between your playlist icon and the right arrow)

2016-07-15 13.08.41

11) The render icon will turn into a red square and there will be a progress bar below. This can take several minutes depending on how many files are in your playlist and how long the animations are. You can cancel the process at any time by tapping the red square.

2016-07-15 13.46.46

12) Once the playlist is rendered, the red square will turn into the upload icon.   Make sure your Monkey Light Pro or POV360 is paired with your device, in program mode, and that bluetooth is enable in your device.  Tap the upload icon to send your playlist to your MLP or POV unit.

2016-07-15 14.24.45

13) The uploading process may take several minutes, depending on how many frames you are transferring.  Once complete, the progress bar will disappear and you'll get a "Transfer completed" message. That's it!   You're ready to spin up the POV or ride out with your playlist going!

Our M232 versus other bicycle wheel lights

We took a look at our M232 Monkey Light against other wheel-lighting options on the market. We wanted to see how they compare when lit up on a bicycle wheel.  We mounted all lights on the exact same motorized wheel and photographed the results. We wanted to be as impartial as possible, so each light was photographed under the exact same conditions and camera settings:

  • Shutter speed: 1/3 second
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Focal length: 40mm
  • ISO speed: 200

We did some processing in Adobe Lightroom to correct exposure, since there was a lot of variation in the amount of light that each wheel light produced.    We applied identical processing to each image, and then we turned those photos into an animated GIF.  You can see a little bit of the tire in each image, in the upper right hand corner, and depending on the amount of light produced, you can see more of our test setup, and the wall behind it.  We used 2 different spinning wheel displays, so if you pay close attention, you can see slight differences.  

Overall, we were really surprised at how much brighter our M232 is.  We see a ton of them every day, so maybe we have just gotten used to it.   Our M232 is fully waterproof, emits 200 lumens of light. The M232 has 42 unique themes, 5 shuffle settings, hundreds of color combinations, and will run up to 20 hours on a single charge. With 32 full-color LEDs, it provides 360-degree visibility for your bike.



M232 bike light animated gif


MonkeyLectric M232

M232 bike light animated gif

Hokey Spokes

Hokey Spokes animated GIF

Hokey Spokes

Hokey Spokes manufacturer description:

Hokey Spokes are unique bicycle safety lights that allow riders to display computer-generated images and text inside the spoke cages while riding at night. Not only are Hokey Spokes fun and interesting, but they also provide important side visibility, which is mostly unavailable in today's standard bicycle lights.

John's notes:

Mounting the Hokey Spokes was frustrating to me.  I had to use a Philips head on a loose bolt/retainer nut while mounted on a wheel and I had to hold the light in place at the same time.

There are 16 LEDs total, but they are mounted to shine on both sides. Each LED is a single color, so while there are green, red, yellow and blue LEDs, there is no color mixing. This really limited the types of patterns that the light could generate.  Also, The text was hard to read. You can program your own text, but you have to do this letter by letter, using one button to scroll through your choices.  Letters are represented by a 5 LED code.  You are also limited to 16 characters, including letters and spaces.   You need to do the programming while looking back and forth between bright LEDs and the code key on the box. This would be best programmed in daylight because trying to read the instructions in the dark after you just looked directly at a bright LED is problematic.


Hokey Spoke Package

MonkeyLectric M232

M232 bike light animated gif

Fantasma OWL Image Fun

Fantasma Owl Animated GIF

Fantasma OWL Image Fun BK-2071

Fantasma OWL Manufacturer Description:

  • Preprogrammed LED lights with 8 different themes
  • Showcase your design taste to friends
  • Last up to 20 hours

John's Notes:

One side of the light clips on to the spokes, while the other has a grooved plastic washer that slides along a track so that you can adjust it to your spokes.  The grooves on the washer are meant to grip the spoke, but they also happen to fit perfectly onto the ridges surrounding the adjustment track. This was initially confusing because the ridges on the track seem to serve no purpose other than to hold the washer in place, but that puts the ridges on the washer perpendicular to the spoke. I feel like more than one person worked on this design and they weren't talking to each other. In any case, the Fantasma OWL Image Fun BK-2071 ended up being one of the easier lights to mount compared to some of the other non-Monkey Lights. 

There is no way to change the patterns.  The light just randomly moves through a pre-programmed playlist. I felt like each pattern should have been given more more play time because I could hardly tell what one was before the other started. It's full color but lacks vibrancy.


MonkeyLectric M232

M232 bike light animated gif

LED Bike Spoke Light (orange diamond)

LED spoke bike light animated gif

LED Bike Spoke Light (orange diamond)

LED Bike Spoke Light Manufacturer Description:

LED Bike Spoke Light - shows Riding Time 40 Light Patterns

John's Notes:

This light mounts with two short metal bands that are held with two screws each.  The battery compartment is sealed with 6 Phillips head screws.  The plastic seems brittle, and I think the screws will strip out the holes in time.

The patterns were okay, but the light is single color and only one sided.  If you mount the spoke light on the left side the lettering will be backwards.  You can fix this by holding the power button.  This will change the orientation.   The light comes with a magnet that mounts to your fork or seatstay or chainstay.   There is no way to orient the letters or patterns based on magnet location, so the words might be upside down depending on your magnet location.


MonkeyLectric M232

M232 bike light animated gif

Meon (Front wheel)

Meon Light-up Bike FX Front

Meon (Rear wheel)

Meon Light-up Bike FX Rear

Meon Light-Up Bike FX

Manufacturer Description:

Meon Wheel Writer Light-Up Bike FX Triple Pack includes all of the following:

  • Wheel Writer - Picture appear in your bike wheel as you pedal
  • Light Striper - Pinstripe your bike frame with bright electroluminescent wire
  • Gyro Flasher - Spiraling patterns of light appear in your bike wheel

Bike FX Wheel Writer

Pictures Magically appear in your bike wheel as you pedal. Mount the Wheel Writer directly to the spokes of almost any bike wheel (20" and up) and as the wheel spins, the super-bright computer-controlled LEDs flash on and off to create a dozen different images and patterns - including a real working speedometer.

Bike FX Light Striper

Pinstripe your bike or scooter with cool futuristic light.  Includes 8 feet of bright blue electroluminescent wire allowing you to make radiant one-of-a-kind designs that stand out from the crowd.  The Light Striper mounts to your handlebars or under your seat and include 10 clips and 20 elastic bands for easy installation.  Can be used solo or combined, as solid light or in several blinking patterns.

Bike FX Gyro-Flasher

Vibant, multi-color rings of light appear on any standard bike wheel (18" and up).  The Gyro Flasher mounts directly to a wheel spoke and two ultra-bright LEDs make unique patterns of spiraling light as you ride.  They are the cool and colorful way to trick out any bike.

John's Notes:

This product, the Meon Light-Up Bike FX, comes with two single sided wheel lights, and a light up electroluminescent wire.

Wheel Writer:

One light just creates random, abstract multi-colored patterns with 2 LEDs.  The other creates specific images in red and can also function as a speedometer.

The wheel lights come in three pieces.  You screw the 2nd piece in while the light is in the wheel and then the third while holding the rest of the light in place.  The light that creates specific patterns can be set to scroll through the patterns or you can choose your favorite.  There is a way to set the orientation so that the images are right side up, but the light single sided, so if you mount on the wrong side, the letters and numbers will be backwards.


The Gyro-Flasher light only has 2 LEDs, so it's basically a bulkier, dimmer M204 made from hard brittle plastic.  And you can't select the patterns.

The battery compartments on both require a Phillips head to open.

Bike FX Light Striper:

This isn't designed to be a wheel light, so I didn't mount it for this test.


Thanks for taking a look at our comparison!  We hope that this has been helpful and informative for you.



East Bay Bike Party - June

John went out with the Monkey Light Pro for East Bay Bike Party this month.  Here’s what he saw:


A different type of tall bike:

Bike Party! #bikelife #bicicleta #fahrrad #cycling #outsideisfree #bestsummerever

A video posted by MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights (@monkeylectric) on


Fireworks at Oracle Arena after the Warriors won Game 4 on the road – all in front of an amazing sunset:

Warriors! @eastbaybikeparty #bikeparty #warriors #bicicleta #fahrrad #cycling #outsideisfree #bestsummerever #ciclismo

A video posted by MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights (@monkeylectric) on


The clever, useful, and environmentally-friendly Recycle Bicycle:

Recycle Bicycle @eastbaybikeparty #cycling #outsideisfree #bestsummerever #ciclismo #bicicleta #fahrrad

A photo posted by MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights (@monkeylectric) on


6 Wheels, 8 M232s, and lots of sound and light:

Bikeparty! @eastbaybikeparty #bikeparty #warriors #bicicleta #fahrrad #cycling #outsideisfree #bestsummerever

A video posted by MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights (@monkeylectric) on

Our buddy Michael, rocking his Monkey Light Pro as well:

This month’s bike party was a blast.  See you at the next one.

Bay Area Maker Faire has come and gone, and here’s what we saw and liked.  We set up camp in the dark room of the Fiesta hall, and set up our interactive Draw on the Wheel and Photobooth displays as well as demonstrations of our other lights.  We all got a chance to take breaks to check out the rest of the show.  Here are some of our photos and vines, as well as media from other sources.  What a delightful event!

view from our booth at Maker Faire Bay Area 2016

2016 Maker Faire Highlights

Life-Size Mousetrap

John’s favorite exhibit was the life-size mousetrap.

The world’s largest Mousetrap board game uses the tools of wonder and excitement to plant the seeds of curiosity with a 25 ton…Rube Goldberg machine !


The scale at which they’ve recreated the classic game is amazing.

Drone Racing

“This was the one section of Maker Faire 2016 that made my jaw drop the most.”  Flying a quadcopter looks hard, racing one seems so much more impressive.  From FPV Racing’s website:

Pilots [flew] head-to-head through a custom racetrack straight out of the future – made with with lasers, special efx, interactive tricks and power-up’s, it’s […] racing like never seen before.  Three full days of FPV racing action, including several special events, including a sponsored “GoPro” race and a brand new class – Outlaw Micro’s – sub 250 gram FPV racing drones!

The race track really did look like it was from the future.  Amazing skill and a treat to watch.

Circuit Playground

John really liked the Circuit Playground from Adafruit.

Circuit Playground

Circuit Playground

With unsurpassed ease-of-use and incredible elements of flexibility and functionality, the Circuit Playground is the ultimate tool to learn and perfect electronic system design creating future hardware and software experts. With almost every type of electronic sensor (temperature, sound, light, motion), buttons, switches and 10 multi-color bright LEDs, the Circuit Playground truly is the Swiss Army Knife of electronic design.

The Circuit Playground is based off of the popular ATmega32u4 MCU so you can use the standard Arduino IDE to code and program the platform. It also has an extremely flexible powering scheme so you can use USB power, a AAA battery pack, or even a Lipoly battery. Another incredible feature is simplicity of expansion. Around the circular design you will find pads that are alligator clip friendly. There simply is no easier way to clip and design with additional circuitry.

It’s an easy way to work with embedded hardware at an affordable price.  Very cool.


Giant Soap Bubbles

These giant soap bubbles were a huge hit with the kids.  Brian Lawrence is the creator of this delightful exhibit:

See giant soap bubbles and bubbles of all kinds. Learn about the science behind the “magic” of soap bubbles. Make your own bubble wand.   We use State-of-the-Art bubble wands and juices, made from stuff we find around. And it’s all open source.

Brian Lawrence is a world renown bubble artist. Brian is moderator of SoapBubbleFanciers on Yahoogroups, the premier online forum on soap bubbles.


Unnecessarily High Fives

This one was lots of fun as well.  High fives at a bunch of different levels, with many being unnecessarily high.

The Unnecessarily High Five is the ultimate high-five experience! This interactive art piece encourages participants of all ages to try and give the highest five that they can. Built from wood, conduit and mannequin parts.
The Unnecessarily High Five was conceived one late summer night in a dusty garage by a group of irresponsible dads in Alameda: Jason, the designer; Tony, the builder; and Hans, the engineer.

Game of Drones – Drone Wars

Like Battlebots, but including the Z-direction.  The drones are made to be bombproof, except for their propellers.  They describe their combat as “fight club for quadcopters”.  Check out the Game of Drones website.


Weeding robot

One neat thing one of our staff saw during a visit to Sweden was a number of robotic lawnmowers.   This weeding robot, made by Franklin Robotics, has a similar task.  It rolls around until its sensor detects a weed, and then a string trimmer (weed eater? weed whacker?)

Ritual Coffee

Ritual Coffee is a perennial favorite, with their Sputnik trailer.  This year, they brought along the farmer of the coffee that they served!

ritual coffee's sputnik at maker faire 2016

Häagen Dazs

They gave out a lot of ice cream.  So much ice cream.  How much?  22,000 cups the first day.

Haagen Dazs at Maker Faire 2016

Walabot depth sensor

See through walls with the Walabot 3D sensor. Whoa.  It’s a device that attaches to your Android phone, and communicates using the data port at the bottom.  It’s pretty low-res, but the demo had some neat applications – determine the location and diameter of pipes behind drywall, or check up on your kid in the next room.  You could “see” a hand through a wall, which is quite neat.walabot 3d sensor

“Walabot instantly turns a smartphone into a powerful 3D-imaging system at your fingertips. Our
advanced technology lets people see all kinds of things hidden in the world around them, adding yet
another dimension to the way people use smart devices today,” said Raviv Melamed, CEO and cofounder,
Vayyar Imaging. “Walabot makes highly sophisticated imaging technology approachable,
affordable and usable for everyone. It can help the blind avoid obstacles, sense – and alert you – if your
mother or father has fallen in the shower, help your robot become autonomous, and much more. We
can’t wait to see what other kinds of applications makers and curious inventors around the world will
create for Walabot.”

Moldable concrete

Ok, we were a little surprised when Aaron came back from a break with a giant tub of concrete powder.  But the applications of this moldable concrete are really neat.  Instead of a sloppy goop, it holds up like clay, so that you can shape it into all types of really interesting forms.  Like a succulent planter:

Moldable concrete - shapecrete

ShapeCrete™ mix is an easy-to-use, high performance, shape-able concrete that can be
rolled and molded, pushed and poured — into any shape imaginable.

Just add water and get clay-like concrete to create everything from garden objects and home decor to crafts and everyday repairs. It’s fun and versatile, like clay, yet becomes rock-hard and durable in about 24 hours without oven-baking or kiln-firing. Imagine that.

It’s pretty simple, just about anything you can imagine, you can make with ShapeCrete.
Play with ShapeCrete and you’re going to surprise yourself…every time.

Death Defying Pedal Car Figure 8 Racing

Silly vehicles racing around a figure 8 made of hay bales: very awesome to watch.  All by Fun Bike Unicorn Club.

Fun Bike Unicorn Club (FBUC) was formed in 2010 as a loose collective of whimsical builders, inventors, artists and rabble-rousers who happen to love bikes and unicorns!

We are a sophisticated group of driven individuals with plenty of tools and a sense of adventure who enjoy a crowd of fun people to play with.


Transformer vehicle

Project J-Deite is a REAL TRANSFORMER ROBOT.  I don’t even know what else to say about it.  Absolutely amazing to see this.

Unusual Cards

Ever need a card of a solar-powered crocodile on the moon?  A giant jello cake in a national park?  Unusual Cards – they’ve got you covered.

Unusual Cards at Maker Faire 2016

Solar Powered Crocodile

Solar Powered Crocodile



Flipbookit had a bunch of demos of their flip books.  You send them a 24-frame file, and they send you a kit so that you can put together your very own flipbook.  The winding knob makes it a lot of fun.  Here’s a video of me turning the flip book into an animation:


The original makers behind flipbookit are Wendy Marvel and Mark Rosen:

Kinetic artists Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel have widely exhibited their series of original motorized flipbooks, which are based on the motion studies of Edweard Muybridge. In addition to exhibiting at the 2011 San Mateo and 2012 NYC Maker Faires, the original series was shown at the Kinetica Art Faire in London in March 2013. The flipbooks were also featured in the January 2013 issue of MAKE Magazine and in the February issue of WIRED Magazine.

Thanks for reading!

Our Maker Faire was a busy but incredibly fun experience.  Thanks if you stopped by our booth, and thank you to the rest of the makers for putting together such amazing products and demonstrations.




Hey MonkeyLectric-nation! How are ya? I’m fine, thanks.

I’ve compiled a (very non-comprehensive) list of cycling related podcasts for you. Just for you!

I have not really listened to many of these, but I’m sure some of them are really great. My descriptions are mostly what I’ve gleaned from their ‘about pages’, if not direct quotations of said pages, so please don’t hate me if they don’t live up to your expectations.

Many of them I found out about through the recommendations of Redditors, who can (and should) always be trusted to deliver quality advice.

Please feel free to share your favorite podcasts with us, cycling related or not, and also please share this with any interested parties you know of who are looking for more podcasts to listen to.


THE LIST (so far):

  • Shift Up Bike Industry Podcast – A new podcast, launched in the beginning of 2018.  They facilitate conversations about building a better bike industry and methods for getting more people on bikes.
  • Wheel Suckers Podcast – London based, they interview perhaps previously-unknown cyclists, chat about their local cycling scene and local bike culture.
  • Washing Up Paper Plates – (EDIT: I moved this podcast up to the top because it’s new AND it’s partially inspired by this very list. AWESOME!) Barry, who is self-admittedly “not the best cyclist”, is going on a bike tour of Europe with a friend and is taking us along for the ride. The proposed route looks wild and we are looking forward to following them on their adventure!
  • The Bike Town Podcast – Stories about ordinary people, & families transforming their lives through cycling.
  • Women Talk Bikes – Created to let women from different biking backgrounds come together.
  • Roam Rydes – A podcast aimed at inspiring women and girls to empower themselves through cycling.
  • Cycology – “Bike 101” aimed at teaching listeners more about their bikes. This is an offshoot from Roam Rydes.
  • Fat-bike Radio – Discussions about fat bikes and other aspects of bike culture.
  • Life in the Peloton – A behind the scenes look into the world of professional cycling.
  • The Workingman’s Honest Bicycle Program – Friendly discussions about everything bicycle.
  • The Slow Ride Podcast – A show about racing with a comedic slant.
  • Everyday Cyclist – A show focused on training and nutrition, according to their own personal philosophy.
  • Speed Metal Cycling – A rough-around-the-edges take on professional cycling.
  • The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast – Roundtable discussion of issues and events in the cycling world.
  • The Bike Show Podcast from Resonance FM – London based podcast “devoted to the art, science, politics and transcendental pleasure of cycling”.
  • The Telegraph Cycling Podcast – London based podcast about all things in professional cycling.
  • Bespoke – A monthly BBC radio show on cycling news.
  • Cycling 360 – Cycling experts talk about fitness, technology, and other aspects of competitive cycling.
  • Bike Nerds – Nerding out with community leaders about how bicycling is making the world better.
  • VeloReviews – Small cache of archived podcast episodes about cycling culture, news, and events. Rumors of a new podcast coming soon…
  • MTBCast – Mountain bike races, news, and advocacy.
  • MTB Strength Coach – Podcast geared toward strength training for mountain biking.
  • Nocturne – Episode 23 cycling at night on a country road.
  • Pedal Hub – Weekly show with three bike enthusiasts about all aspects of bike culture.
  • CXHairs – The wild world of cyclocross right in your ear holes.
  • Mountain Bike Radio – An entire network of mountain biking radio programs!!!
  • The Singletracks MTB podcast – Mountain biking program… about mountain biking and mountain bikes.
  • The Paceline Cycling Podcast – From roads to trails, commuting to cyclocross, this podcast will fulfill your cycling-est dreams… or something like that, I don’t know.
  • The Outspoken Cyclist – “radio for cyclists by cyclists” … get it? By cyclists? Ehhhhhh? *wink* *nudge*
  • Grupetto . Chat – Conversation about races results, speculation, and news in the cycling world.
  • Open Mic with Mike Creed – Retired cyclist, Mike Creed, talks with his pro cycling friends about pro cycling and other aspects of their world, aimed at bringing back “a personal aspect to cycling”.
  • Velo Club Don Logan – Cycling and fitness, pro racing and mountain biking.
  • Threshold: The Semi-Pro Cyclist Podcast – A podcast on training for pro racing.
  • VeloVoices Podcast – Pro cycling analysis and beyond.
  • Packfiller – Live coverage of cycling events with humor thrown in.
  • The Sprocket Podcast – More than just cycling, this is a show about living unconventionally for your own happiness. “The lessons we’ve learned boil down to this: get rid of what you don’t need, chase joy, and ride your damn bike!”
  • Ben & Bikes – Every bike tells a story. A cycling podcast about bikes, but way more about the people that ride them and their stories than frame size, shock technology and the Tour de France.
  • Also check out this list of cycling podcasts from The Bird Wheel.


“Have fun, ride safe!”

What Do You Get When You Cross Monkey Lights with Antique Farm Equipment?


To find out, stay tuned for another installment of Monkeylectric’s interesting customer profiles!

This month, we got to know a little more about Dwayne Fuller of Longview, Texas. Dwayne combusted our minds when he sent us a video of our M232 attached to an antique gas engine. We were very impressed with this unlikely application of our bike lights and had to know more behind the man and the machine.


Dwayne fires up the 4 Horsepower Krueger-Atlas engine with an M232 strapped to it



Please tell us a little about yourself, where do you live and what do you do?


I live in Longview, Texas. I have lived here since 1985. I build and manage commercial property, which is my second carrier. While in high school, I started an insurance salvage pool in my hometown of Lufkin, Texas. I sold my salvage pool to Copart in 1995 and worked for them until 2001.




What is your bicycling and mechanical background? What is it like riding a bike where you live?


I grew up riding my bike almost daily. I still remember my first new bicycle was bought at Western Auto. I wore that bike out several times over. Most of the county roads were dirt and the grit took it's toll on the chain and bearings.


"Western Auto Sign" by James Case
"Western Auto Sign" by James Case



One time I had the bike upside-down, adjusting the chain and wheel bearings. I did not tighten the front wheel bolts enough, but had them snug enough that the wheel stayed on when I set the bike upright. I took off down the driveway and popped a wheelie. When the bike went up on the rear wheel, the front wheel flew out of the forks. All was okay as long as I rode the wheelie, but a calamity occurred as I lost momentum and the front came down. The forks dug into the dirt and stopped my forward progress. I went flying over the handlebars, with the bike following me. Of course, this was in the mid 70's so there is no video evidence to post on Youtube.


 Ouch! Well, it looks like someone else managed to catch that accident on film.


What is a Krueger Atlas engine? What were they used for, and how did you get into collecting them?


A Krueger-Atlas engine is an antique four cycle gasoline engine made in San Antonio, TX around 1912. It was used to power a water pump. These types of engines were used for many purposes on the farm. I have been collecting engines for about 30 years. I have around 50 different brands.


"35HP Krueger-Atlas" by KruegerAtlasGuy
"35 Horsepower Kruger-Atlas" video by KrugerAtlasGuy


How did you get the idea to attach a Monkey Light to the Krueger-Atlas engine?


I first saw a Monkey Light on a flywheel engine on the internet in a forum I visit often called SmokStak. It was not explained very well by the poster but I was intrigued. A few weeks later, I was at an antique engine and tractor show in Catoosa, OK and saw it in person. After watching it a few minutes, I knew I had to have one. I asked the engine owner to shut his engine down so I could see the device. He went to the truck and got the packaging the Monkey Light came in and I copied the info in my notebook. That was on a Friday night and soon as I got home on Saturday I ordered two Monkey Lights from Amazon. They came in a few days and I could hardly wait until dark to see how it would look. I gave one to my running buddy who collects engines, also.

I am having an engine show at my house on April 23rd and we will be playing with the Krueger-Atlas with Monkey Lights. Not sure what engine my buddy put his on but will know in a few weeks. I have had several engine friends wanting more info on the Monkey Lights so we may have several engines show up here with them. I will keep you posted.


Thanks Dwayne! We look forward to seeing and hearing more of these antique engine LED displays!



Watch more videos here of Monkey Lights on Antique Engines at the 2015 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Engine Show!


Videos by Rich Mueller Sr


Share Your Story!

 If you would like to share with us what you have been doing with your Monkeylight, please send an email to chloe @

Watercolor by Bicycle: Brian Gangelhoff

Brian draws his inspiration for paintings from the cycling and camping he does in the bay area. He seems to capture not only the image, but the feeling of those rides. The way a shaded section opens suddenly to bright skies and rolling hills. The way sunlight breaks through trees, tracing phantom potholes as it dances on asphalt. The way redwoods reach up and touch the sky as leisurely as if it were their true home.

How long have you been painting?
I painted some in high school and early 20s but didn't think I was particularly good at it. I've always made art in different formats but picked up watercolor painting a little over 3 years ago.

When I was a kid I had a flower press that I used on flowers, leaves or anything that would fit. Try as I might, I couldn't fit trees and hills into it. Is that why you decided to paint them instead?
That's funny. I just bought a flower press at the white elephant sale today!
I started painting with watercolors because I could bring a small kit bike touring. I painted landscapes because that's what was there. I found I like the small format too.

South Gate-Mt. Diablo 2016

Somewhere on Hwy 4 2015

Somewhere on Hwy 4 2015

Sibley Sunrise 2015

Sibley Sunrise 2015

San Pablo Dam Road 2013

San Pablo Dam Road 2013

San Francisco Bay 2013

San Francisco Bay 2013

Salt Point SP Prairie 2015

Salt Point SP Prairie 2015

Do you make your own paint?
Nope. Store bought. I do modify brushes. Can't find them small enough so I cut some bristles off.

Yeah, I imagine it's difficult to get color from water. I've noticed that over the years you seem to play more with shadows cast in the foreground, which I really like. Has it affected your ability to cast dark magic?
Ha! I just paint what I see or what I like. No magic involved! ... Dark shadows are easier to paint!

As a Bay Area cyclist, I like that I recognize a lot of the views you paint. Do you hear that a lot?
Yep, I do. I didn't set out to paint so many roads but that's where I am with the bike so that's what I see and paint and or take photos. I seem to have a talent for painting pavement.

Redwood Road 2015

Redwood Road 2015

Pinehurst Rd 2016

Pinehurst Rd 2016

Pinehurst Rd 2013

Pinehurst Rd 2013

Mt Diablo 2015

Mt Diablo 2015

Morgan Territory Rd 2015

Morgan Territory Rd 2015

Happy Valley Rd 2014

Happy Valley Rd 2014

You've been camping since you were a kid right? When did you start camping and touring by bicycle?
Yes, I grew up camping. I quit driving over five years ago and the biggest thing I missed was car camping then I realized I could strap things on the bike and camp with that. I've found it a much more satisfactory way to camp as well.

When there's something strange in my neighborhood, I call my aunt because the Ghostbusters aren't real. Do you ever paint trees that are houses for elves?
Yes, most definitely. Of course you can't see them but I know they are there. I also paint full alien cities in the clouds before covering them up in more clouds.

I knew it! Illuminati!


If you're interested in purchasing any of his work, Brian can be reached at [email protected]


Mt. Tamalpais 2014

Mt. Tamalpais 2014

Mammoth Lakes 2012

Mammoth Lakes 2012

Hwy 4 2015

Hwy 4 2015

Choinumni Park 2014

Choinumni Park 2014

Black Mountain Platform Ridge Rd 2105

Black Mountain Platform Ridge Rd 2105

Crest View Trail 2013

Crest View Trail 2013

China Camp Sp 2014

China Camp Sp 2014

Big Basin SP 2015

Big Basin SP 2015

Big Basin SP 2015

Big Basin SP 2015

Big Basin SP 2015

Big Basin SP 2015

Basin Redwood Sp - 2014

Big Basin Redwood Sp - 2014

rainbow roller

Hey everyone!

Aaron here. I’ve been trying for a while now to figure out how to pull off a compelling video about side-visibility without having to shoot our lights straight on (since that requires shooting with a camera capable of a 360º shutter angle in order to have them look like they do in real life). Recently, Emily from the London Cyclist blog posted an article about our lights as a follow up for another article they posted about cyclist visibility (too many links?). This renewed my desire to film, and I came up with the idea cover up the window in this narrow room we have in the office and shoot some roller riding action as a test. The test shots ended up being pretty decent (in our minds, at least), so we decided just to go with one of those instead of overcomplicating things. I slapped on some music I made last year and put a simple intro and outro on it, and voilà! Enjoy.

I’m still considering doing more expansive and fancier videos on the topic. See you then, hopefully!



I’m really sad to hear about the Greenwood explosion in Seattle that leveled Neptune Coffee, Mr Gyros, and Quick Stop, and significantly damaged G&O Family Cyclery. I was fortunate to have had the chance to have great coffee, delicious gyros, and look at some awesome cargo and family bikes last fall during a personal vacation.

Though not obliterated in the explosion like some of the other shops,  G&O was damaged enough so that they cannot do business out of their location.  Some inventory was damaged as well.

Davey and Tyler at G&O Cyclery in Seattle

Davey and Tyler at G&O Cyclery in Seattle (Image via their GoFundMe campaign)

During our visit, we had a nice time chatting and checking out their bikes.  I saw my first “in the flesh” Bike Friday Haul-a-Day.  They carried a number of bikes from Oakland-based neighbors, Xtracycle, as well as some Bullitts and Metrofiets.  I got to see the updated version of the Tern folding bike that I own.  The Nimble cargo scooter made us smile:

Nimble cargo scooter

Nimble cargo scooter (from


And most importantly, for other parents of infants out there, they had a changing table in their bathroom.  How many bike shops offer that?

If you’re inclined to lend a hand to help them rebuild or relocate, check out their GoFundMe page.


An animated GIF clip from this Felix le Blanc video in Chamberry, Aix les Bains, le Bourget (Savoie, France):


Featuring Johanne Berthou, Leo Nobile, and Jeremy Brosset riding their bikes through dark city streets with our M232 bicycle wheel lights.  There are some nice BMX tricks in the full video.  We love how the M232’s LEDs illuminate the walkway and side of the building.