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The Burley Flatbed makes it easy to carry cargo on your bike.  We've got one here in the shop, and it took less than 5 minutes to install.  We currently have it connected to our Karmic Koben S e-bike for delivery runs.  Win this trailer and some of our M210s and M232s.   Open to residents of the USA only.  Scroll down to enter! 

A very well-lit Karmic e-bike and Burley trailer

The fine print

Open to US residents over the age of 18 only.  For official rules, click here.


The Filmed by Bike film festival is on a mission to inspire people about bikes in a creative way. That’s why they’re headed to SXSW– the  South By Southwest Film Festival  in Austin with a Popup event. To support this cool endeavor, we’ve given them some Monkey Lights to put on a fleet of pedicabs.

Photo from

In addition to movie screenings and live entertainment, artwork by Austin Bike Zoo will be featured at the Popup, including the Giant Rattlesnake, an 80 foot long slithering contraption that seats 6 people, which the Filmed by Bike team will ride through the streets of Austin.

“Our goal st SXSW is to get people excited about bikes, and to do that in a creative way,” says Ayleen Crotty, Founder of Filmed by Bike and Festival Director. “SXSW is crowded and busy – we offer a respite in the middle of this frenetic environment, and  a chance to sink into a realm of creativity.”

The Popup will also be an opportunity for the group  to introduce themselves to a wider audience, who may want to bring Filmed by Bike to their towns and cities.  

“We  specialize in short independent films. Our filmmakers come from from all over the world, offering a glimpse at global bike culture,” Crotty said.

Filmed by Bike is crowdfunding the Popup via Indiegogo. They have almost reached their goal, but could use some more support before the campaign ends on Wednesday, March 7. If you feel compelled, you can donate here. 

 And if, by chance, you plan to be at SXSW, stop by the Filmed by Bike Popup event for bike movies, free popcorn, bike sculptures from Bike Zoo, live performances and much more. 

The Filmed by Bike SXSW Popup

503 E. Cesar Chavez

March 13 + 14 

6:00 – 11:00 p.m.

Free and open to all!


We got an email from Renata, of Prešov, Slovakia with information about a ride that she hopes to organize every year on January 6th.

They ride in the dark, and in the biting cold of winter.  It was -15C when they rode last year.

Cyklométa in Slovakia

It’s called Cyklométa.  She started the event out of the desire to make sure people were safe and visible while riding.  During the inaugural event, riders found whatever lights they could and rode through town, decorated like Christmas trees.  They had a great time showing that riding a bike in the dark can be safe and fun together.


Cyklométa in Slovakia



Now on their third year, they hope to continue their lovely tradition of bringing creating a light parade during the coldest part of winter in Slovakia.  We’re happy to be donating product for a prize this year.

You really should check out the video from their previous rides.  It’ll bring a smile to your face.


Give their Facebook page a visit for more information on this charming event!



Monkey Lights are the best way to stay visible at night, and riding with friends is the best way to ride!


We’re excited to have worked with 2001 films and New Media Systems on this video. It features a ride by Boulevard Burger & Brew and a ride by through the Virgina Museum of Fine Arts.


The video features extensive use of our M232 bike lights, with one Monkey Light Pro thrown in for good measure.


We hope you enjoy the video!




This was our version of Black Friday.. No shopping, just shipping. It’s great to be able to do this by bike.


Karmic Koben with Monkey Light Pro and a bunch of packages.


We thought we’d have some fun with the Karmic Koben S and make the trip over to FedEx by bike instead of by van.  We actually had a little trouble getting out of the door because we forgot that the trailer was just a little to big for our doorway.  So, we had to back it out and use the roller door instead.

Riding was a breeze with the e-assist.  That shipment was off to Europe.  Bon Voyage!

Our Thanksgiving Monkey Light and TiGr Lock Giveaway

We had a lot of fun with our last giveaway, and wanted to come back with an even better one.  We've teamed up with Tigr titanium bike locks for this Thanksgiving edition of our giveaway!

Can't wait? Buy one now:

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Visit the TiGr Lock Store!

Visit the TiGr lock store.

Dixon's Bike Shop Mural by Catherine (_cck_) on Flickr

Dixon's Bike Shop Mural by Catherine (_cck_) on Flickr (

We want to know which bike shop is your favorite. Let us know in the survey below!

We’re excited to release this promo clip from our new video, shot in Richmond, VA with 2001 Films and New Media Systems.  It features many of our M232 bicycle wheel lights and one of our Monkey Light Pros.  Check it out, and give it a thumbs up if you like it!

It's Monkey Contest Time!

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August 3rd was Watermelon Day!


We celebrated with our friends at Nutcase Helmets, who made a delicious video of their watermelon helmet. We took some clips from their video and made our own on two Monkey Light Pros with Aaron riding on the rollers. Enjoy!