Our most dedicated bike-commuting friend, K. Alice Fox, recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary of being a winter cyclist in snowy Syracuse, NY.

Syracuse averages 123.8 inches of snow per year.


She sent us some photos of her ride, (complete with our waterproof, snowproof, and iceproof M232 Monkey Lights that help keep her visible during dark mornings and nights) and even made a video to celebrate.


Alice’s Surly fat bike, named “Goliath”

We interviewed Alice in the past, and she told us her amazing story about how cycling changed her life.


We got an email from Renata, of Prešov, Slovakia with information about a ride that she hopes to organize every year on January 6th.

They ride in the dark, and in the biting cold of winter.  It was -15C when they rode last year.

Cyklométa in Slovakia

It’s called Cyklométa.  She started the event out of the desire to make sure people were safe and visible while riding.  During the inaugural event, riders found whatever lights they could and rode through town, decorated like Christmas trees.  They had a great time showing that riding a bike in the dark can be safe and fun together.


Cyklométa in Slovakia



Now on their third year, they hope to continue their lovely tradition of bringing creating a light parade during the coldest part of winter in Slovakia.  We’re happy to be donating product for a prize this year.

You really should check out the video from their previous rides.  It’ll bring a smile to your face.


Give their Facebook page a visit for more information on this charming event!