It’s been a rainy January here in the Bay Area.  John had no problems rolling through some water at Berkeley Aquatic Park with his waterproof M232s.

waterproof and ice proof

We stand behind our waterproof claims.. if you ever have a problem with your lights, they are covered by our generous warranty.  Our next series of lights will have a 3-year warranty!

These lights are built to withstand the elements.  Back our Kickstarter project today.


8 Things We Love About the M232

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the M232. For years we have worked to make the most unique, fun, and durable bicycle wheel lights on the road. Here we explain why in 8 words (that all end in ‘Y’).

 M232 animated gif





  • Our lights are individually cast molded in 28.6g of rugged, waterproof, crystal clear polyurethane
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Made to withstand all environmental exposures such as rain, snow, dirt, and sand
  • Affordable for a light that will last




What our customers say:


"I have it on a fat bike that has experienced at least a few spills on rocky, wooded mountain bike trails...What impressed me the most about the durability of the lights was it's absolute waterproof abilities. I...submerged the bike up past the pedals. In some areas we had to drag the floating bikes through the water for quite a distance. After the ride... the lights are still working perfectly."



"It's lasted thru rain, snow mud, 5 degree to 100 degree weather and the buttons still work fine.Was very doubtful of the quality at first, but it has proven itself many times over."



"Secure and durable (dumped hard and its still just fine} Looks amazing, bright, doesn't seems to cause noticeable instability even when I'm going at 35+mph"

     -H. Annen











  • Never worry about taking it on and off your wheel
  • Easy, durable install
  • Select from 42 different themes with the press of a button
  • Select from 64 different color options with the press of a button




What our customers say:


"Installation takes a few minutes of zip ties and clippers, and you're done."

     -Firstname McLastname


"These lights are very cool! I bought 2 for my motorized bicycle. They work fantastic on it. They're extremely easy to install and also very simple to use. It took me about 10 minutes to install them on my bicycle. I'd suggest keeping the packaging for them to keep the list of patterns. A really great accessory for bicycles!"



"The 232 is vastly improved because it's easy to select one of the 42 themes by only pushing one button repeatedly."

     -Paul S.





 "Hey, Four Eyes" by Antoine Pethers






  • 200 lumen output
  • 360 degrees of light
  • 32 Ultra bright LEDs
  • Two brightness settings



What our customers say:


"If you ride your bike at dusk or in the dark, it's important to make sure you can be seen. Here's a product that will help. Monkey Lights help you stand out in style by digitally displaying bright, colorful lights and designs with every turn of your wheels."

     -Lynne Ober


"I was commuting to work several mornings a week before dawn and even with two super bright headlights, flashing taillight and Illuminite reflective clothing I had close calls with drivers when standing at intersections because they just didn't notice me. Monkeylight seemed to make a difference. Even stopped it's like having a roman candle in your spokes."

     -Paul S.


"I purchased another lighting system for my granddaughters bike wheel before getting the Monkey Lights. The other system wasn't bad, but it didn't even come close to the effect you get with the full color and the fact that it show on BOTH sides of the wheel."











  • 32 ultra bright LEDs emitting 200 lumens
  • Up to 20 hours battery run time
  • Each M232 is carefully inspected before and after molding by one of our production techs.
  • Made in California




What our customers say:


"They are so awesome and you get what you paid for, quality. They are definitely the best bike lights for their price and quality."

     -Amazon Customer


"Quality is better than I expected on the overall body and LED protection. Waterproof and shockproof as well. The LEDs are superb and very high quality."

     -Amazon Customer





"Fibre Flare Flashes" by Antoine Pethers






  • Any AA batts
  • Use rechargeable
  • Improved battery pack, shock resistance, better balance, more waterproof
  • Up to 20 hours




What our customers say:


"I bike about 60 miles a week, 30 of those using these lights (at night), and I only had to change my batteries once after about 3 months of use."

     -Coleman O.


"The battery mounted to the hub is a great idea, since you can easily get rechargeable AA batteries and carry extra with you, no need to spend a fortune on some weird-sized watch battery!"



"The new 232's also moved the battery from the board on the spokes to the hub of your wheel. This help reduce weight balance issues and seems to make it easier to change the batteries... One battery pack can run two light units! This cuts down the weight in batteries, it does reduce the run time of course but since the batteries go into a quick load housing you can have the other set from your second light on hand to swap out and it takes just seconds to swap. I bought an extra set of rechargeables so that while I'm riding with one set, I can have another set charging at home!"

     -Chris Cre





Grand Prize: Sityak in Hungary






  • Fits wheels 20" and up
  • "Random" modes that cycle through groups of patterns
  • Tons of color options
  • 42 themes for any occasion




What our customers say:


"Even if you are a total cruiser with one array on one wheel, these M232s are going to light you up and make people notice. With a double array you can go slower and still get full patterns... If you live in a place like Seattle (like I do) where the sun doesn't shine that often, you can probably get use out of them during the day."

     -Kris Pendleton


"These are great. With so many neat designs, I change up the pattern every time I ride."

     -Coleman O.


"The pattern selection is bigger than the originals and you can select certain groups (like the classic patterns or groups of new patterns) and you can pick out groups of colors to customize your ride. I like to change the colors to reflect holidays like orange and purple for Halloween or to have different colors for each wheel."

     -Chris Cre











  • We offer a 2 year warranty to fix or replace
  • Great customer support to help troubleshoot
  • Guaranteed




What our customers say:


"With no argument or fuss they put in a warranty order and it's on its way to me. Fantastic customer service as well. Defective products can and will happen...the difference is in how the company deals with it and Monkeylectric gets an A+++!"



"THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER... Wow! Talk about a company that stands behind their product and goes the extra mile for their customer... I cannot speak highly enough of this fantastic product and company."

     -Tina A. Pollio


"I managed to separate the wiring leading from my front light to the battery mount (some clumsiness when I took the front wheel off to mount the bike on my car). I checked with the company to see if I could send it back to be repaired, and they actually instead are replacing the broken part... I love the fact that not only is the product fun and a great tool for safe riding, but the customer service is also superb. I will certainly buy from MonkeyLectric again!"












  • Comes with stainless steel strap for added security
  • Attaches firmly with strong zip ties
  • Discreet




What our customers say:


"The Monkey Lights are such a fun addition to any bike. Watching the video online made the installation very easy. I have had one set one for over a year and just ordered a 2nd set.My first set is still on the bike just as securely as the day I installed it."

     -Sue Czarniak


"Not to worry about [them getting] stolen: once they're on, they're ON. They're also pretty discreet when they're turned off."



"The metal security ties that were included actually appear stronger than I originally expected."






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