Our favorite entries from the 2016 Instructables Bicycle Contest

Instructables Bicycle 2016 Contest

We were happy to join Nutcase helmets in sponsoring an Instructables contest in support of the DIY community: their Bicycle Contest 2016.   Lots of good entries were submitted.  Here are some of our favorites.

Bicycle Maintenance Tips


Athul shared a useful set of bicycle maintenance tips.

He writes:

Your bicycle doesn’t run on leg power alone. It also needs a little lube, a lotta­ love, and a good ­listen. You may not know every remedy your bike needs to live a long life, but you can gain enough wisdom along the way to keep it in tip-top shape and out of the shop.

Butter chain?



ErickPp had an, uh, unconventional way of lubing his bike chain.  Simple, and to the point.

Bicycle Picnic Box


The Grand Prize winner made a well-crafted, and well-documented picnic box for their bicycle.  Enjoy your Monkey Light Pro, The Dutch Cyclist!  

He writes about his inspiration for the project:

Recently I moved from The Netherlands to Austria (No kangaroos). Since cycling is such a big part of my life I did not realise how fortunate the Dutch people actually are with there cycling infrastructure. It took me a while to get used to the Austrian infrastructure. Lets say its something else. But I was determined and kept using my bike for all kinds of transportations that are really strange for Austrians/non Dutch people. It did not take long to get the 'crazy Dutch guy with his bicycle' label. People around me are getting used to the fact that you can go to IKEA with your bicycle. 🙂 The bicycle culture is a bit 'hipster' and that's probably why someone pointed me to the Bicycle Picnic Box. She found it on Instagram and told me that it would fit me and my bike. At first I didn't think much of it but the idea stuck and after some research I came to the conclusion; I can make that! I found some Instructables but they did not fit all my needs. For example, I wanted to be removable without tools because I don't want it to take with me everyday. Then decided to make my own and first Instructable. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂



Other notable winners include this amazing bike that transforms from tall bike to cruiser with a slight shift of body weight.  It's definitely worth watching the video.

She writes:

This bike transforms from a tall bike to a chopper/low rider (and back) while you ride it! It is made with a full suspension mountain bike and a set of gas shocks. The spring on the mountain bike is removed to allow the bike to pivot, the fork and rear triangle of the bike are extended. The gas shocks are extended when the bike in the tall position and compressed in the chopper position.

Laser Cut High Visibility Vest


Major props to second-prize-winner, Krivas, who used the laser cutter in their local library to make this high-visibility vest.  (What an awesome local library it must be to have a laser cutter!)

My local library has a maker space with a really awesome laser cutter; I’ve been learning how to use it and have been experimenting with different materials. Last week I decided to try cutting fabric and this is what I ended up making; a stylish alternative to a traditional safety vest.

Build a Shopping Cart Cargo Bike



Instructables user henryric made a fantastic walk-through of how to make a cargo bike on the cheap, out of a Craigslist bike, a shopping cart, and spare parts. The detailed walk-through also comes with rare safety tips and a good dose of humor.

He writes:

Build a cargo bike out of an old mountain bike, a metal shopping cart, miscellaneous bike parts, a variety of scrap metal, and a willingness to hack things apart!

I am currently living a car-free life and need a means of transporting supplies for those larger projects. Constructed at UPland.

Two entries that drew our admiration for ingenuity (and some laughter) were the Chainsaw Bike, submitted by ThriftStore Hacker, and the Shock Powered Pump, submitted by Mrathweg.  If you put these together and connect an airgun to the pressure chamber, you'd have a one awesome zombie apocalypse cruiser!

Details about the inspiration for the chainsaw bike:

I have had a lot of feedback on my channel from people asking me to make a gas powered bike.

I found a good running chainsaw with a bent and broken bar at a garage sale for 20 dollars. I also was able to pick up a cheap mountain bike from a thrift store.

Thanks for taking a look at our favorite entries!  We look forward to sponsoring our next contest with Instructables.  In the meantime, check out our LED lights for your bicycle wheel.  They will add a lot of color to your bike ride!