Do you run with your child in a jogging stroller in the evening?  For some of us, that’s only the time we can get our workout in.  I wanted to feel safer while running with our daughter in our Thule Chariot, so I put our M204 bicycle wheel light on the front wheel.  This only works for “normal” spoked wheels that are 16″ or larger.   Some joggers, such as the Bob, have large plastic spokes that the light will unfortunately not fit on.  The front wheel of the Chariot is 16″, and the rear wheels are 20″.


I found that the light does a good job of keeping us illuminated and safe in the evening, especially while crossing through intersections.  I’m not sure what people thought when they saw our light up stroller.  My daughter is also pretty amused by the changing colors.

M204 bicycle wheel light on a Thule Chariot jogging stroller