We had posted a video on Facebook featuring a tough little Monkey Light undergoing some duress—getting knocked about with a hammer, soaked in water, smashed on the ground—and taking it all like a champ. While the resilience of the light  may have impressed some, one commenter wanted more.

Thus it was that the suggestion came about to submerge the poor light in liquid nitrogen. As the prospect of handling LN2, a cryogenic substance with a boiling point of -321 degrees Fahrenheit was less than appealing, we were ready to laugh off the proposition. Enter: David Gibson, Museum Educator at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. A man unafraid. And with access to LN2 and a laboratory.  He saw the suggestion and volunteered to give the light a freezing ablution. The gauntlet thrown, we kissed goodbye an M204 and sent it off to Albuquerque to meet an unknown fate. 

You’ll have to watch the video to see how the Monkey Light fares. All we gotta say is, we’re proud of the little tyke.