Bike lights that can handle “100% Playa Mud”. Burning man playa dust proof, waterproof, mudproof, and iceproof lights.


100% Playa Mud

Help us make our next-generation lights a reality so that it’s even easier to be visible while cycling.  Back our Kickstarter campaign today.

waterproof and ice proof

We stand behind our waterproof claims.. if you ever have a problem with your lights, they are covered by our generous warranty.  Our next series of lights will have a 3-year warranty!

These lights are built to withstand the elements.  Back our Kickstarter project today.


New Monkey Lights on Kickstarter turn on just when you need them

Have you checked out our new Kickstarter yet?  We’re making automatic bicycle wheel lights.


We’re really excited about our new smart auto-on function.   It seems a bit silly, but not having to reach down and push a button makes a big difference.


All of our new models reliably turn on when you need them. Just ride your bike. Our unique triple-sensor technology detects wheel rotation and light levels. It won’t accidentally turn on if it just gets bumped on a bike rack. If you still want a power button, our A15 & A30 lights let you choose between Off, On, and Smart-Auto-On yourself.


Check out the campaign here.