Our hard-working dealer Lecyclo.com in France sent over a little press snippet, which roughly translates to:


Suitable for wheels between 16 and 29 inches, these Monkeylight graphic lights reinforce the visibiity of the various bikes of the family while allowing to give them a touch of originality. Depending on the model chosen, 5 to 42 bright themes are available, with choice of recharging by batteries or USB.


Thanks for the heads up Lecyclo!  Pictured is the M210 Monkey Light.

An animated GIF clip from this Felix le Blanc video in Chamberry, Aix les Bains, le Bourget (Savoie, France):


Featuring Johanne Berthou, Leo Nobile, and Jeremy Brosset riding their bikes through dark city streets with our M232 bicycle wheel lights.  There are some nice BMX tricks in the full video.  We love how the M232’s LEDs illuminate the walkway and side of the building.