I’m really sad to hear about the Greenwood explosion in Seattle that leveled Neptune Coffee, Mr Gyros, and Quick Stop, and significantly damaged G&O Family Cyclery. I was fortunate to have had the chance to have great coffee, delicious gyros, and look at some awesome cargo and family bikes last fall during a personal vacation.

Though not obliterated in the explosion like some of the other shops,  G&O was damaged enough so that they cannot do business out of their location.  Some inventory was damaged as well.

Davey and Tyler at G&O Cyclery in Seattle

Davey and Tyler at G&O Cyclery in Seattle (Image via their GoFundMe campaign)

During our visit, we had a nice time chatting and checking out their bikes.  I saw my first “in the flesh” Bike Friday Haul-a-Day.  They carried a number of bikes from Oakland-based neighbors, Xtracycle, as well as some Bullitts and Metrofiets.  I got to see the updated version of the Tern folding bike that I own.  The Nimble cargo scooter made us smile:

Nimble cargo scooter

Nimble cargo scooter (from nimblescooters.com)


And most importantly, for other parents of infants out there, they had a changing table in their bathroom.  How many bike shops offer that?

If you’re inclined to lend a hand to help them rebuild or relocate, check out their GoFundMe page.