New USB Rechargeable Monkey Lights

The R-series

We're excited to launch an upgrade to our bicycle wheel lights.   We call them the "R-series". The M204R, M210R, and M232R are the same great Monkey Lights you may already know but with an important upgrade: a USB Rechargeable battery.


Even more convenient but still waterproof and durable

When you're ready to charge, simply unscrew the waterproof cap, pull out the battery capsule, and plug it into a micro-USB cable and your power supply of choice or computer.

Charge time is about 3-5 hours.


Look for in a local store

Or buy one online.

(currently available in the USA and UK)


AAs to stay

We're still making the M204, M210 and M232 with the standard AA batteries if that's what you prefer. Sometimes having the option of AA batteries is more convenient because they're easier to buy at a local store if you're out and about, or because you already have a number of AA batteries at home.

The best of both worlds

If you're unsure which light you want, you can always buy an M204, M210 or M232 and upgrade on your own by purchasing the USB-rechargeable battery as an add on.