Wheel Size Survey Results

The Results Are In!



We sent a survey out to our Kickstarter backers in order to gather information about common wheel types. We received data from 96 different survey participants. We hope this information will give us some insight on ways to design our lights to fit most riders' wheels. Here are the results!


What is the size (diameter) of your bicycle wheel?




Nearly half of respondents indicated that they ride with 700c (Standard road) wheels.  13.5% ride with 26" (standard mountain bike) wheels, 11.5% ride with 29er (some cross-country mountain bike) wheels, 10.4% ride with 20" (some folding bikes and kids bikes), and 9.4% of respondents indicated other wheel size.

The least popular wheel sizes appear to be 16" wheels, 650 (B or C) wheels, and 24" wheels.


What is your rim type?



The vast majority of respondents, 80.9% state that they ride wheels with standard size rims. 13.8% ride wheels with deep rims and the remaining 5% indicate "Other."


How many spokes are on your wheel?



Almost 40% of survey participants state that they ride wheels with 32 spokes. One fourth of those people ride wheels with 36 spokes and almost 15% ride wheels with 28 spokes.

The least popular spoke counts in this survey are 20 spoke wheels, 40 spoke wheels, and 48 spoke wheels.


What type of spokes are on your wheels?



Nearly all respondents, over 87%, claim to ride with standard (rounded spokes).  10.8% ride with bladed (flat) spokes and the remaining respondents selected "other."


What kind of spoke lacing do your wheels have?



Almost half of respondents have wheels with 2-cross lacing, 36% have wheels with 3-cross lacing, 8% have radial lacing, and the rest indicate "other."