A List of Cycling Podcasts

Hey MonkeyLectric-nation! How are ya? I’m fine, thanks.

I’ve compiled a (very non-comprehensive) list of cycling related podcasts for you. Just for you!

I have not really listened to many of these, but I’m sure some of them are really great. My descriptions are mostly what I’ve gleaned from their ‘about pages’, if not direct quotations of said pages, so please don’t hate me if they don’t live up to your expectations.

Many of them I found out about through the recommendations of Redditors, who can (and should) always be trusted to deliver quality advice.

Please feel free to share your favorite podcasts with us, cycling related or not, and also please share this with any interested parties you know of who are looking for more podcasts to listen to.


THE LIST (so far):

  • Shift Up Bike Industry Podcast – A new podcast, launched in the beginning of 2018.  They facilitate conversations about building a better bike industry and methods for getting more people on bikes.
  • Wheel Suckers Podcast – London based, they interview perhaps previously-unknown cyclists, chat about their local cycling scene and local bike culture.
  • Washing Up Paper Plates – (EDIT: I moved this podcast up to the top because it’s new AND it’s partially inspired by this very list. AWESOME!) Barry, who is self-admittedly “not the best cyclist”, is going on a bike tour of Europe with a friend and is taking us along for the ride. The proposed route looks wild and we are looking forward to following them on their adventure!
  • The Bike Town Podcast – Stories about ordinary people, & families transforming their lives through cycling.
  • Women Talk Bikes – Created to let women from different biking backgrounds come together.
  • Roam Rydes – A podcast aimed at inspiring women and girls to empower themselves through cycling.
  • Cycology – “Bike 101” aimed at teaching listeners more about their bikes. This is an offshoot from Roam Rydes.
  • Fat-bike Radio – Discussions about fat bikes and other aspects of bike culture.
  • Life in the Peloton – A behind the scenes look into the world of professional cycling.
  • The Workingman’s Honest Bicycle Program – Friendly discussions about everything bicycle.
  • The Slow Ride Podcast – A show about racing with a comedic slant.
  • Everyday Cyclist – A show focused on training and nutrition, according to their own personal philosophy.
  • Speed Metal Cycling – A rough-around-the-edges take on professional cycling.
  • The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast – Roundtable discussion of issues and events in the cycling world.
  • The Bike Show Podcast from Resonance FM – London based podcast “devoted to the art, science, politics and transcendental pleasure of cycling”.
  • The Telegraph Cycling Podcast – London based podcast about all things in professional cycling.
  • Bespoke – A monthly BBC radio show on cycling news.
  • Cycling 360 – Cycling experts talk about fitness, technology, and other aspects of competitive cycling.
  • Bike Nerds – Nerding out with community leaders about how bicycling is making the world better.
  • VeloReviews – Small cache of archived podcast episodes about cycling culture, news, and events. Rumors of a new podcast coming soon…
  • MTBCast – Mountain bike races, news, and advocacy.
  • MTB Strength Coach – Podcast geared toward strength training for mountain biking.
  • Nocturne – Episode 23 cycling at night on a country road.
  • Pedal Hub – Weekly show with three bike enthusiasts about all aspects of bike culture.
  • CXHairs – The wild world of cyclocross right in your ear holes.
  • Mountain Bike Radio – An entire network of mountain biking radio programs!!!
  • The Singletracks MTB podcast – Mountain biking program… about mountain biking and mountain bikes.
  • The Paceline Cycling Podcast – From roads to trails, commuting to cyclocross, this podcast will fulfill your cycling-est dreams… or something like that, I don’t know.
  • The Outspoken Cyclist – “radio for cyclists by cyclists” … get it? By cyclists? Ehhhhhh? *wink* *nudge*
  • Grupetto . Chat – Conversation about races results, speculation, and news in the cycling world.
  • Open Mic with Mike Creed – Retired cyclist, Mike Creed, talks with his pro cycling friends about pro cycling and other aspects of their world, aimed at bringing back “a personal aspect to cycling”.
  • Velo Club Don Logan – Cycling and fitness, pro racing and mountain biking.
  • Threshold: The Semi-Pro Cyclist Podcast – A podcast on training for pro racing.
  • VeloVoices Podcast – Pro cycling analysis and beyond.
  • Packfiller – Live coverage of cycling events with humor thrown in.
  • The Sprocket Podcast – More than just cycling, this is a show about living unconventionally for your own happiness. “The lessons we’ve learned boil down to this: get rid of what you don’t need, chase joy, and ride your damn bike!”
  • Ben & Bikes – Every bike tells a story. A cycling podcast about bikes, but way more about the people that ride them and their stories than frame size, shock technology and the Tour de France.
  • Also check out this list of cycling podcasts from The Bird Wheel.


“Have fun, ride safe!”