Antique Engine, Modern Lights

What Do You Get When You Cross Monkey Lights with Antique Farm Equipment?


To find out, stay tuned for another installment of Monkeylectric’s interesting customer profiles!

This month, we got to know a little more about Dwayne Fuller of Longview, Texas. Dwayne combusted our minds when he sent us a video of our M232 attached to an antique gas engine. We were very impressed with this unlikely application of our bike lights and had to know more behind the man and the machine.


Dwayne fires up the 4 Horsepower Krueger-Atlas engine with an M232 strapped to it



Please tell us a little about yourself, where do you live and what do you do?


I live in Longview, Texas. I have lived here since 1985. I build and manage commercial property, which is my second carrier. While in high school, I started an insurance salvage pool in my hometown of Lufkin, Texas. I sold my salvage pool to Copart in 1995 and worked for them until 2001.




What is your bicycling and mechanical background? What is it like riding a bike where you live?


I grew up riding my bike almost daily. I still remember my first new bicycle was bought at Western Auto. I wore that bike out several times over. Most of the county roads were dirt and the grit took it's toll on the chain and bearings.


"Western Auto Sign" by James Case
"Western Auto Sign" by James Case



One time I had the bike upside-down, adjusting the chain and wheel bearings. I did not tighten the front wheel bolts enough, but had them snug enough that the wheel stayed on when I set the bike upright. I took off down the driveway and popped a wheelie. When the bike went up on the rear wheel, the front wheel flew out of the forks. All was okay as long as I rode the wheelie, but a calamity occurred as I lost momentum and the front came down. The forks dug into the dirt and stopped my forward progress. I went flying over the handlebars, with the bike following me. Of course, this was in the mid 70's so there is no video evidence to post on Youtube.


 Ouch! Well, it looks like someone else managed to catch that accident on film.


What is a Krueger Atlas engine? What were they used for, and how did you get into collecting them?


A Krueger-Atlas engine is an antique four cycle gasoline engine made in San Antonio, TX around 1912. It was used to power a water pump. These types of engines were used for many purposes on the farm. I have been collecting engines for about 30 years. I have around 50 different brands.


"35HP Krueger-Atlas" by KruegerAtlasGuy
"35 Horsepower Kruger-Atlas" video by KrugerAtlasGuy


How did you get the idea to attach a Monkey Light to the Krueger-Atlas engine?


I first saw a Monkey Light on a flywheel engine on the internet in a forum I visit often called SmokStak. It was not explained very well by the poster but I was intrigued. A few weeks later, I was at an antique engine and tractor show in Catoosa, OK and saw it in person. After watching it a few minutes, I knew I had to have one. I asked the engine owner to shut his engine down so I could see the device. He went to the truck and got the packaging the Monkey Light came in and I copied the info in my notebook. That was on a Friday night and soon as I got home on Saturday I ordered two Monkey Lights from Amazon. They came in a few days and I could hardly wait until dark to see how it would look. I gave one to my running buddy who collects engines, also.

I am having an engine show at my house on April 23rd and we will be playing with the Krueger-Atlas with Monkey Lights. Not sure what engine my buddy put his on but will know in a few weeks. I have had several engine friends wanting more info on the Monkey Lights so we may have several engines show up here with them. I will keep you posted.


Thanks Dwayne! We look forward to seeing and hearing more of these antique engine LED displays!



Watch more videos here of Monkey Lights on Antique Engines at the 2015 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Engine Show!


Videos by Rich Mueller Sr


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