MonkeyLectric warrants that its bicycle wheel lights will be covered under a limited warranty for 2 years from the date of purchase if purchased directly from MonkeyLectric or an Authorized Reseller.

This warranty covers defects in manufacturing and workmanship.  If the bicycle lights are defective and fail during the warranty period, MonkeyLectric will either repair or replace, at its option upon report of failure in writing from the Customer.  This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, nor any bicycle wheel lights that have been subjected to abnormal service, handling, or alteration, or service or repair by anyone other than MonkeyLectric.  The limited warranty does not apply to any damage, expenses, or injuries that occur from improper use, mishandling, faulty transportation or incorrect installation.

MonkeyLectric makes no other warranty, express or implied, oral or written, concerning the aforementioned item’s merchantability, fitness, purpose, or suitability.