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      our M204s are currently in production. Here’s a photo of some of them during our QA testing. #madeintheusa #madeincalifornia


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      Our #intern Jeremy takes his #lunch security seriously.


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      A really nice thank you note for a donation. “I like hanging with you”


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      This is how we inspect our LED batches to ensure consistent brightness and color temperature. #madeinusa


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      the man burns in 32 days! #burningman #bike #lights


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      From the archives ! This is when we tried to make #disco M210s #bikelights by adding #glitter . Only a small amount of glitter bombing was involved.


    • 04/08/15

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      Put this on your bike: the MonkeyLectric M232 bike wheel LED light


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      NBD, just some Tour de France riders rolling with Monkey Light Pros. #casual


    • Monkey Light Review


      One of our customers left us this awesome review on Amazon last month. Too proud not to share. ☺

      ★★★★★ Light Up Like a UFO, September 28, 2014
      By Kris Pendleton

      I love my monkey lights!! They make lighting so much fun and it ain’t riding, if it ain’t fun! Cars really slow down around you just to see you, making night riding so much more enjoyable. That’s besides the fact that they’re so damn cool!

      After seriously assessing the pros and cons of the M232s and some other similar products on the market, I decided a couple of weeks ago to go with the Monkey Lights. I’m going to say right off the bat that all the pros and cons are absolutely true, but with a little common sense most of the cons are moot points.

      Yes you would need to ride faster than someone sprinting on foot to have the lights show a cohesive pattern. And like most lights they have a hard time competing with the sun, so they don’t show up in day light. Even if you are a total cruiser with one array on one wheel, these M232s are going to light you up and make people notice.

      With a double array you can go slower and still get full patterns. I can even get a cohesive pattern going up hill with two. If you live in a place like Seattle (like I do) where the sun doesn’t shine that often, you can probably get use out of them during the day.

      Otherwise, from dusk to dawn is your Monkey Light time. They also hold up really well in the elements. I have ridden in two heavy downpours and not had a problem with the wiring. With the two year warranty I don’t anticipate having a problem with keeping my bike lit up like a UFO.

      Consider this: If you go at slower speeds use designs that work with slower speeds. The more vertical the design the better it works when the wheel is rotating slowly. The designs that are more vertical (like the lightning bolts) are easier for your eyes to perceive on a whole at slow speeds than the designs that are spread out horizontally.

      For those horizontal designs (like the rocket ship) the light needs to be moving faster around the wheel for your eye to perceive the whole thing. As for colors blues and white and other light colors are seen easier in the dark. The darker reds and oranges are seen easier in the twilight hours.

      DON’T WORRY: You will be seen from a long distance from a side view and look very different from the front and back, both of which are killer for being seen when night riding.

      Installation - You’ll get the best results, if you hadn’t noticed, if you install two per wheel with one light array on each side of the wheel and one battery pack with rechargeable batteries. The batteries will last about 2 weeks of an average 30 minute commute. Two packs will double the life of your batteries, but you’ll add the weight of 6 AA batteries to the weight of your wheel.

      While not suggested in the included installation instructions, I found that using the excess zip ties to secure the battery pack in place by securing it to the spokes really helps. The road vibration and rain will make the pack slip a little and I prefer to ensure there is no stress on the battery/light connector.

      Synchronizing 2 light arrays: Synchronized the theme at least. Synchronizing the color is even better, but not necessary. The eye perceives the lights as a stream so the synchronized patterns create a consistent image. Think sparklers or spinning poi. With both light arrays synchronized the image is stabilized even at cruiser speeds of 8- 10 mph.

      With rotating colors set or different colors set, the eye perceives the colors as a mix of colors. Which is kind of cool…I guess. I’m going to play with the fireballs and the rocket theme on one wheel so it looks like the rockets are chasing the fire ball or vice versa.

      Also: Use the fourth pad included in the pack to install the light array if the connection spoke strap crosses the electric connection to avoid pinching that the electric connection when installing a 700cc wheel. The

      Only Cons: I want to be able to add designs to the M232. That, and the battery pack makes your wheel slightly unbalanced which is only really noticeable when you spin the wheel on a stand though it may, over time, make it slightly untrue. You don’t notice it when you’re riding at all.

      One of the reasons I went with Monkey Lights over other products was the great design selection and the other was the locality of the factory. I’m in Seattle and they’re in California. I figured if anything went wrong with my Monkey Lights, then I would quickly and easily be able to replace them.

      When they first arrived from Amazon one of the lights was glitchy. I was really bummed. I wrote Monkeylectric Support, described the problem and first thing Monday morning Ashley responded with a huge apology. She sent me a replacement array that day. I love this company! I’m rocking 4 now!


M232 Party Monkey Light

M210 Mini Monkey Light

Justin light painting with the M210


M133s Original Monkey Light