The MonkeyLectric M210 bicycle wheel light
Our M210 bicycle wheel light
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The Monkey Light Pro is now available!

Word on the street...

“Possibly the most eye-catching and awe-inducing bike accessory I’ve ever seen. Most bike lights focus on making sure the rider is seen, but these make sure you’re seen, cheered at, flagged down, and followed (in a good, fun way).”
– Christian Science Monitor -
“I can attest to the durability of the Monkey Light. I commute every day in NYC and the Monkey Light has endured temperature extremes, snow, rain, wind, salt on the roads and has performed like an absolute champ.”
– -
“For the last two months, I’ve been dazzling Nashville with my Mini Monkey Light M210 from Monkey Electric. And I really mean that—while it’s no Christmas light set, this is the sort of lighting option that draws oohs and ahs from pedestrians and is difficult for motorists to miss. Very important attributes when it starts getting dark at 4:30!”
– Trisha from LGRAB blog -
“The Mini Monkey Light not only makes you more visible, it’s likely stop traffic outright.”
– -
“The Monkey Light Pro is certainly the winner when it comes to having the ultimate in customizable lighting on your two-wheeler”
– Treehugger -
“It’s quite a sight to see in action.”
– Mashable -
“If you love GIF animations and love to cycle safely, here’s a new crowd-funded product you’ll love: The Monkey Light Pro.”
– Marketplace Tech -
“Share a message or simply make yourself more visible at night. It’s a real head-turner.”
– CNET -
“[It’s] sure to elicit its fair share of whiplash-inducing double takes.”
– Discovery News -