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Distributors (Worldwide)

If you have a shop and would like to carry our products, contact the distributor in your Country or contact us directly.

Sales Area Contact Information
Azerbaijan Sabah Group
Belgium Nabla Lights
Brazil ISAPA
Canada Killemall Distribution
Caribbean and Central America US Latam Trade Solutions
China Rolling Rainbow
Czech Republic Bike Brothers Import
Denmark DISTRIBUTORS WANTED-click here to fill our application.
Ecuador Nat Bike
Egypt Bike Egypt
Finland Solo International
France Holland Bikes
Germany Budde+Kraehe
Hong Kong Pro Bike Center Ltd.
Hungary Au Cash Inc
Indonesia DISTRIBUTORS WANTED-click here to fill our application.
Italy Daggnastore
Kazakhstan KPD-NDT LLP
Malaysia Shutterzen Sdn Bhd
Mexico Circe Distribution
Netherlands Nabla Lights
New Zealand Bells & Whistles
Norway Majorstuen Sykkelverksted
Poland MS GROUP +48608294478
Portugal Back2Cycles
Russia TOMM LLC.
Singapore The Gadget Home
Slovakia M-link
Spain Back2Cycle
South Africa Electroskinz
Switzerland Tannerbikes GmbH
Thailand Happybike Shop
Thailand DISTRIBUTORS WANTED-click here to fill our application.
Ukraine Actiontrade
United Kingdom DISTRIBUTORS WANTED-click here to fill our application.


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Agencies – Custom Application Development

Sales Area Contact Information
Austria, Switzerland, Germany
Latvia McCann Erickson Riga Latvia tel.+371 29134881
Poland Mediadog 0048 (0) 603 999 952
All Other Contact MonkeyLectric Directly

Dealer Application

Interested in carrying Monkey Lights in your shop?  You can contact us here or fill out our online dealer application here.